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My problem with blogs such as aboutmaleprivilege and thisiswhiteprivilege is that they have such an “us vs them” mentality that they are unable to see different opinions within the groups they claim to fight for. 

Aboutmaleprivilege assumes that all feminists and all women agree with every little thing they put on the blog. The blog dismisses women with different opinions by saying they have “internalised misogyny”, because obviously women are such a monolithic group that they cannot have different ideas about empowerment. 

Thisiswhiteprivilege assumes all PoC - even those who don’t live in the USA - can identify with the blog and if they disagree with the way thisiswhiteprivilege chooses to fight racism, they have internalised racism. 

Their narrow-minded approach and mentality fundamentally do not help these groups. I’m a woman; most of the stuff on aboutmaleprivilege are instances when assholes happen to be male and not actual examples of male privilege. I’m Chinese, and thisiswhiteprivilege seems to conveniently forget that not every group experiences racism in the same way. Furthermore, they both ignore that even groups perceived to be in positions of power can be and often are discriminated against. 

That’s why I believe these blogs - run by people who act rudely and self-righteously - are harming the social justice name as opposed to helping it. 

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    not to mention the fact they generalize the people they “oppose” too, all white people are racist piles of shit, all men...
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